Midwest Gangs

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Originally formed in Indiana, The Reapers were started for protection of people and teens from the Crips, One Luv, and other 6 point star gangs. Started in 2003, the gang has been found in parts of the Midwest, such as Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. They have also been found in New Jersey, Nevada, and some parts of California.


Yet the Reapers are not so big of a gang, there are about 200 members today. The Reapers are allies with the Bloods, Latin Kings, and any other 5 point star gangs. The Reapers have been known to fight wars against the Crips & Folks, but sometimes the Reapers are found to be friends with them.


The Reapers wear mostly black & red. There gang colors are black, red, & grey. They wear black or grey bandanas on the right side. Sometimes the Reapers are thought to be Folk members because of the bandanas worn, but Folks are actually the main rival of the Reapers. The Reapers are a multi-racial gang. They except Black, White, and Puerto Rican, Mexican, and any other race.\


Members of the Reapers are known by there tattoos. The Reapers may have tattoos such as:

‘The Grim Reaper’ tattooed on the chest or arm.

‘REAPER’ tattooed across the arm, chest or hand.

A cross with rays tattooed between the thumb and index finger.

‘2 Reaper Sticks w/ R underneath’ tattooed behind the ear.


In such areas like parts of Ohio, there are many different Folk gangs. About 30% of the Folk gangs are “cool” with the Reapers. Some Folk gangs have formed an alliance with Reaper gangs in there area to help take out other Folk gangs that they do not believe should be so called “Folkin”.


The Reapers have been named Bloods with black bandanas or what they call “Flags”. The Reapers are 50% Black, 35% White, 10% Hispanic, 3% Asia, 2% other. The Reapers stand for: R.E.A.P.E.R


R.espect, E.xcel, A.borigine, P.rotection, E.xtradite, R.escue


R.espect, E.ven, A.ll, P.eople &, E.very, R.eaper

States: Indiana, Ohio, IIinois, New Jersey, Nevada, and California.
Prisons: Indiana, Ohio

Gangs of the Midwest.